I am James Wearne. 

All through my childhood I had many adventures with the characters I created.  

When I was twelve, I had my palm read by a gypsy who told me I was to live two lives.  With youthful certainty, I scoffed this prediction.

Many years later,  her prediction proved to be true.... 

Struggling to make sense of my mundane nine to five existence in Australia, I awoke one day and swore to myself that I would go out into the world, adventure, and actually write about all the characters and stories that were emerging constantly within me.

That same week I quit my day job in a bank, packed up my things and went to California. 

There, on the spectacular coastline of Big Sur, I started to live my dream. Between hiking in the majestic redwood forests and learning a second profession as a chef at the Esalen Institute, I wrote every moment I could.

Firmly on the path of becoming a writer, something unexpected happened.

I met a Canadian woman -  my soul mate.
We married and moved to Toronto. 

I now work as a Gestalt Therapist – and learn constantly of how we create amazing ways to be in the world together. My wife, Stacey, is a continuous support. 
Each day, the characters in my novels wait impatiently for me to write their story and what they have been up to...

​Even as I write this, they are beckoning me 
To Tell Their Stories... 
                                                                - James
James Wearne Author Messing With Magic
Paperback Edition MESSING WITH MAGIC